Are there current provincial or local requirements that apply to visitors at The Pines?

    Yes, there are currently provincial directives that apply to visitors at The Pines:

    • Provincial policy for visiting Long-Term Care homes may be found here.
    • The provincial directive named "Directive #3 Update: Long-Term Care Visitors and Admissions along with frequently asked questions may be found here.

    With the vaccination of residents, staff and Essential Caregivers well underway, when will measures be lifted?

    The provincial government has released specific requirements to safely allow some visits to take place for residents of The Pines.  Details may be found here.

    Will additional vaccination clinics be offered at the Pines?

    Currently, there is no planned vaccination clinic for the Pines. Information on booking an appointment to receive a vaccination may be here.

    Can Visitors bring in a pet?

    Yes, as long as the Visitors are following the pet visiting policy which involves ensuring that the Visitor provides the home with proof of current vaccines for the pet.  

    What is the process for entering and exiting the Home?

    For emergency management, Ministry requirements, and Public Health requirements. Visitors must continue to sign in and out using the iPads to the left of the front door, as per legislative. In accordance with section 267(2) of O. Reg. 246/22, homes must maintain visitor logs of all visits to the home. The visitor log must include, at a minimum: 

    • The name and contact information of the visitor 
    • Time and date of the visit 
    • The purpose of the visit (for example, the name of the resident visited);

    Please also remember that if you are taking a resident off of their home area you need to sign the resident out at the nursing station. There are sign-out books at each station. This will ensure that staff knows the whereabouts and safety of all residents.