Are there current provincial or local requirements that apply to visitors at The Pines?

    Yes, there are currently provincial directives that apply to visitors at The Pines:

    • Provincial policy for visiting Long-Term Care homes may be found here.
    • The provincial directive named "Directive #3 Update: Long-Term Care Visitors and Admissions along with frequently asked questions may be found here.

    With the vaccination of residents, staff and Essential Caregivers well underway, when will measures be lifted?

    The provincial government has released specific requirements to safely allow some visits to take place for residents of The Pines.  Details may be found here.

    Will additional vaccination clinics be offered at the Pines?

    Currently, there is no planned vaccination clinic for the Pines. Information on booking an appointment to receive a vaccination may be here.

    Can Essential Caregivers bring in a pet?

    Yes, as long as the Essential Caregivers are following the pet visiting policy which involves ensuring that the Essential Caregiver provides the home with proof of current vaccines for the pet.  

    Are Essential Caregivers able to approach a nursing station now to consult with the Registered Nurse during visits?

    Yes, as long as they are deemed as being fully vaccinated which means that they will be wearing a red ID badge. Please ensure that they are wearing the ID badge in a visible location for all staff to see.