October 26th - Project Conclusion

Good Morning,

At the September 24th, 2020 Community and Planning Services Committee Meeting, the Peninsula Lake Algae Bloom Causation Study Final Report was brought forward by Hutchison Environmental Sciences Ltd.

The report was accepted by committee and is available at the following link: https://muskoka.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/36011?preview=36020

Report Conclusion:

Through examining the available information and field data, the final report concludes that the most likely cause of the 2017 bloom was a combination of climate factors including a period of prolonged high air temperature and low wind speed, creating ideal conditions for cyanobacteria (i.e. Gloeotrichia) dominance and rapid growth.

Recommendations for further action can be viewed on page 3 of the staff report.

This report concludes this study.

On behalf of the District of Muskoka, thank you for your continued interest in lake system health in Muskoka and in particular, the Peninsula Lake Causation Study.

Stay Tuned!

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