Will the downtown Bridge be open to pedestrians during construction?

    Yes. We recognize the importance of continued pedestrian access to the entire downtown and we have incorporated this provision into the contract. Pedestrian access will be maintained in all Stages of construction, even though roads are closed to vehicle traffic – pedestrian access to all businesses will continue.

    Will the streetlights along the detour route be adjusted to accommodate increased traffic?

    Yes. We will work together to adjust signal timings where there are benefits to doing so.

    How much notice will we receive for water disruptions?

    A minimum of 48 hours prior to any shutdown of a water service, a notice will be provide to all affected customers advising of the required operation and the probable time when water will be restored. We will work to keep any scheduled disruptions to a minimum and time them appropriately when it is least impactful.

    What will working hours be?

    The Contractor’s current regular working hours are 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.  This may be adjusted as the project progresses to ensure timely completion.

    How long will Stage 1 closures be in place for?

    Stage 1 is planned from March until the end of May. Full road closures will take place for this duration until we move to the next Stage.

    When will you advance to the next Stage?

    We are planning weekly construction updates to keep you updated on Stage progression. Before the contractor is permitted to move on to the next Stage of construction, the Stage undergoing construction must be completed to a state that the all work within the Stage is ready for use as it’s intended purpose. To keep the community updated, we will host a Community Information Session and other outreach efforts to promote the next Stage of closures, in advance.

    How old is the underground infrastructure in the Town of Huntsville?

    According to available records, most of the underground infrastructure is from the late 1950’s.

    What kind of pipes are being installed?

    Plastic pipes will be installed for all Water, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer.  This material is used based on its available lifespan compared to other materials such as steel.

    Who do I contact to discuss utility upgrades for my business?

    If you are considering utility upgrades for your business or property, we ask that you contact your specific utility provider for information on options. 


    Mark Reynaert 



      Union Gas - Enbridge 

    Naadia Carrier



      Cogeco Cable 

    Steve Blacklock 



      Lakeland Power 

    Mark Dawood 



      Water & Sewer 

    Les Ranta 




    How are you keeping our community safe among COVID-19 restrictions?

    Safety for the community and all workers participating in this project is at the highest level of importance. The contractor has developed a detailed Covid-19 Health and Safety plan to ensure that the construction site maintains a safe working area while COVID-19 restrictions are active. This site specific plan is in place to protect the contractors employees and is in addition to any public health restrictions or requirements in place to manage the current pandemic.

    Who at the Town of Huntsville is responsible for this project to ensure it is completed on time?

    This is a collaborative effort across both municipalities and involves team members from both The Town of Huntsville and District of Muskoka who have been working closely together over the last several years to develop a contract to support the anticipated construction timeline. We are working together as a team on various aspects of the project (both above and below ground works) to align schedules to ensure we complete this transformation on time and on budget. We will post weekly updates and communicate Stage progress as construction continues.

    Where will the pedestrian walkway(s) be located?

    Pedestrians will have access to a designated temporary walkway through the construction zone at all times. These walkways will be hard surfaced and maintained on both sides of streets with crossing locations clearly identified to connect both sides of Main Street. 

    The location of these temporary walkways will likely be located to the outer edges of the construction zone but may require some adjustment to accommodate construction actives. The bridge will have a designated walkway on one side.

    Who/how will manage the parking on Brunel, between High St. and Main, so deliveries continue and business can operate?

    We have assigned an onsite representative during construction as a resource, to assist and support our community. We fully understand access is required for deliveries, moving, etc. Please contact our onsite representative John Miller from Dufferin Construction at john.miller@ca.crh.com or 705-795-2042, and provide more information (address, business, anticipated delivery schedule, approximate size of truck, etc.).

    How will "open for business" signage promote the businesses on Brunel between High Street and Main St.? Where will signage be located? Can businesses put out our own branded signs along the detour route(s)?

    Wayfinding Signage will be placed throughout the community highlighting that the Downtown is open and Detour routes. In Parking areas around the Downtown Business Directory signage will be placed highlighting which businesses are impacted at that stage of construction and how to access the Downtown. The Town of Huntsville’s signage By-law prohibits putting businesses placing signage on property that is not owned by the Business. We would encourage you to work with the BIA who are exploring additional wayfinding signage that could be business specific and placed in different locations around Huntsville.

    Where can business owners find the specific plans of the Town of Huntsville and Downtown BIA to promote all downtown businesses during the months of construction?

    The Town will be focused on project awareness, promoting that the Downtown is open, how to access the Downtown and where to park. The Towns Marketing Plan can be found HERE.

     The BIA will be focused on street activation, events and marketing support for businesses. The BIA hosted an annual meeting (Fireside Chat) in January with their membership to discuss 2021 events and street activation. The 2021 Street Activation Proposal can be found HERE. The 2021 Fireside Chat minutes can be found HERE. The BIA's marketing spend/guideline can be found in the 2021 Street Activation Proposal. 

    The pandemic has already had tremendous impact on the downtown businesses. Some already closing as a result. How did the Town and BIA assess the additional economic impacts of these closures?

    The Town worked with the BIA who surveyed their membership to determine what their preference was to begin and complete the project. The membership responded with a preference to begin the project in 2021 under an accelerated timeline which would see the project completed in the spring of 2022. Information regarding those survey results can be found HERE.

    How will tenants be able to get to and from home?

    Access to businesses and dwellings will be maintained throughout construction. If you are impacted and have specific questions, please contact our onsite representative John Miller from Dufferin Construction at john.miller@ca.crh.com or 705-795-2042.