November 7, 2019: Construction Update

9 months ago

Highlights from Community Information Session
and Construction Update for November 7, 2019

The District of Muskoka hosted a Community Information Sessionon November 5, to provide an update on the King William Street project. Information shared included an update on the progress to date, challenges experienced during construction as well as discussion on work remaining for the season and start-up in 2020. (Click here to download the presentation.)

It was noted that progress to date on this project has been slower than originally anticipated and was primarily due to the requirements to work around complex utility structures which needed to be kept functioning for businesses and residents as well as additional bedrock encountered in the deepest portion of the excavation. The District, EXP (the design consultant) and JB Enterprises (the site Contractor) have been working closely together to ensure safety and minimize the impact on traffic as much as possible.

Mark Misko, Director of Engineering and Transportation for the District of Muskoka shared photos, depicting some of the underground difficulties “Although we have experienced setbacks and delays to accommodate these utilities, the changes we’ve made to our traffic control plan and increasing the work zone platform will assist in making up some of the lost time,” said Misko. “Underground infrastructure is typically replaced once every 50 years, it’s vitally important this is done right. We understand the impact this project has on local businesses, residents and visitors, so we are taking steps and adjusting our schedule and resources to ensure this project is completed on time and on budget.”

J.B. Enterprises will continue to work late into November (potentially December), and will ensure the construction site is safe for winter maintenance.

What We Heard: During the Information Session, residents and businesses shared concerns and ideas for improvement. Traffic frustrations were communicated, noting the detour in place has increased wait times and backups in certain areas, including the intersection at Centre Street and West Road. It was also recognized that increased communication is needed to provide businesses with accurate and timely information to share with their customers and signage is requested to assist with wayfinding.

The District is acting on the feedback received at last evening's Community Information Session and looks forward to providing an update on the suggestions proposed.

Businesses are encouraged to contact Dave Cottrell, J.B. Enterprises Public Relations Officer in regards to business logistics, deliveries, access inquiries, etc. (

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we upgrade the infrastructure on King William Street.

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