Are reports available to the public?

    Yes, both staff reports to the Community and Planning Services Committee and technical documents submitted with this development application can be found in the "Technical Documents & Committee Report Folders" located on this page.  

    Reports are also made public through our online reports portal at:

    How do I submit my thoughts in writing?

    You can submit your thoughts/comments in writing by the following 2 options:

    1. Send by Email to:
      Kassidee Fior, Planner with the District Municipality of Muskoka
      Email: link)

    2. Mail your letter to:
      The District Municipality of Muskoka
      70 Pine St. Bracebridge, ON
      Attention: Kassidee Fior

FAQs Official Plans

    What is an Official Plan?

    An Official Plan is a policy document that guides the short-term and long-term development in your community.  An Official Plan sets out a vision and goals and ensures that new development and growth considers a broad range of policies to protect the natural environment, align growth and development with municipal infrastructure, and promote complete, safe, accessible and inclusive communities.

    The Muskoka Official Plan(External link) covers:

    • Environmental protection
    • Water quality  
    • Resource Management  
    • Housing     
    • Growth and settlement patterns
    • Community vision and objectives                                   
    • Economic development                       
    • Tourism and resorts                               
    • Transportation 
    • Services and utilities
    • Implementation

    Each of the Area Municipalities also has an Official Plan which recognizes the unique characteristics of that community and implements the policies of the Muskoka Official Plan. 

    The District is the approval authority for Area Municipal Official Plans and approval of any amendments to those plans.  

    Where can I find the current Muskoka Official Plan?

    The June 28, 2019 office consolidation of the Muskoka Official Plan(External link) is available online or it can be obtained from the Community and Planning Services department(External link).  

    Click the following link to view or download the plan nowMuskoka Official Plan

    (Please note the MOP is large document and may take a few moments to download)

    Learn more about the MOP on the District's website at: link) 

    What is an Official Plan Amendment (OPA)?

    An Official Plan Amendment (OPA) is a formal document that changes a municipality’s official plan. Changes may be needed because of new circumstances in the community, changes at the Provincial level or because of requests made by property owners.

    Where can I learn more about Official Plans and the planning process?

    To learn more about Official Plans and the Planning Process, visit the Government of Ontario's website to view the Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning(External link).